Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Land of Dreams to Land of Despair

Floods, serial blasts...the daily turmoil of a Mumbaikar is not enough that such dastardly acts keep occurring at regular intervals.
Close to 500 crores for flood relief and amendments simply buoy up the politicians' bank balances. Need anything be said more about the dreadful state of the financial capital of the country.
Well a lot has been said about the 'courage' of the Mumbaikars but please will someone take note of what is happening around and do something about it and stop patting our backs...what we are doing is simply our means of survival. Our only accomplishment is the tremendous kinship - the feeling that we ought to be of some help to our fellow citizens in a crisis like this (or should I make it plural)
News is out that the police were suspecting incidents like these to questions asked why no one bothered before. It would be stupid to ask, wouldn’t it? The Task Force is today busy concentrating on the protection for the leaders of the political parties..well they r having a free campaign of sorts for their respective parties as well....everyone has something to gain here isn’t it? Only if they could resolve differences and come together to do something worthwhile…
Almost every alternate year mumbai has seen a minimum of 1 blast since the communal riots in the 90s, is the report.
This time 7 blasts, in a matter of 11 minutes across major stations on the western line killing many, injuring many more. 189 (the known stats) lives lost and many manyyyyyy injured for life not to mention the psychological damages to people and of course the financial damages to the economy as the price we have to pay for I don’t know what.Mumbai , once not long ago touted as the place where dreams take the face of reality today has no buyers. People are looking to move out. Very soon,this place will be bereft of the "brave" crowd. The educated youth are flying abroad or are left at the peril of the power games going on in every arena in India. Politics and politicians are set out to ruin.
For the immense love of this city that I was brought up in I stand here with no clue as to what to do ........
And before I end this emotional outburst it would help if people could think "human" first and then "religion".

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


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Seven things I wanna do before I die
1. Buy/Build an Airlines.
2. Go to Badrinath for a trek
3. Complete my classical dancing training.
4. Learn to play violin.
5. Bungee jump :D:D
6. Make/build/buy something to pass on to my kids.
7. Figure out what i wanna pass down my kids :P

Seven things I can do
1. Watch tv/movies.
2. I can cheer people up .
3. Make tea/coffee.
4. I can dance kinda ok-ok.
5. I read a lot.
6. I am a good listener anyone can talk to me ,about anything with no fear of what will i think etc.
7. Learn about something new.

Seven things I say the most
1. Flip
2. Hey bhagwaaaaaaaan
3. Ab kya?
4. liar liar pants on fire :))
5. Oye
6. Aiyye (This... coz i m a mallu:P)
7. Arrerreee

Seven things I cant do
1. Stay sad for long.
2. Stay without talking to sid for long........ thr is a limit after which i get impatient
3. Cant cook that well but then very soon i m gonna be mastering it so.....
4. I cant tolerate ppl cry coz I myself am very cranky n the most funny part is I start crying even if i c some1 else cry :P
5. I can never be melodramatic :)) about anything.
6. I can never manage accounts :((
7. I m not very open about wat I feel.....I wud rather keep things to myself

Seven things that attract me about opposite sex
1. INTELLIGENCE (well ppl dont matter 2 me till i have spoken to them n the first thing that strikes is how fast they think)
2. The way they carry themselves(includes looks too :D)
3. Etiquettes (I go gaga over true gentlemen :D)
4. Height
5. Humor
6. Voice
7. might find this weird but i feel a prominent collar bone looks awesome

Seven celebrity crushes
2. Amitabh Bacchan
3. Ajay Devgan
4. Milind Soman
5. Russell Crowe
6. Brendan Fresar
7. Al Pacino

Seven people I wanna tag
1. Rhushikesh Pandit
2. Vaishakhi Sawant
3. Keyur Kachadia
4. Manish Khanduri :">
5. Swapneel Malpekar
6. Suchi
7. Isha

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

God d creator

The complexity of life and the order in the universe show us that human and the universe could not just exist and maintain themselves without a creator.

This creator we term GOD.

To me, then, it means God is a self-existent eternal being. I understand that the question "who created God" seems meaningless because if there is always an answer, there will equally be a question that follows and it can go on forever.

Speaking of questions, another question with reference to what I have already said is - "If the complexity of design in the universe argues for a creator, then how can God, who is more complex, not be created?"

Now lets point at 2 categories of things – created and non-created things.

When things are created we understand the processes that caused their formation in the first place and we also know that left to themselves they will decade, deteriorate to something less. And the most upsetting discovery in science – The universe running down to nothing (The Big Bang theory etc)

What cannot be done is trace back the beginning of non-created things ;such things are not constrained by time.

Time is just another dimension we add, just like length, width etc. Then time is a created thing too. Matter is another factor which is not eternal and hence must be created.

So something that is non-created must exist beyond time itself. We would then expect that non-created thing to never change because, being outside time, it is the same at its beginning, its middle, and its end. Now it is only logical to ask that if the universe is created, and left to itself it will run down, then who put it together in the first place? Isn’t it ?

If the universe is a thing, and it is a created thing, then it had to come from something else. Nothing cannot form anything.

So, if the created thing must come from something else, then it must come from something that exists prior to it. If we look at all the created things as a whole, they must come from a non-created thing. That is the only logical option open to us!

Now to summarize - We know the universe is a created thing. We know that it must come from something else. We know that some type of non-created thing must exist in order to have created things exist. We also know that this non-created thing must be unchanging and outside of time. That is a lot. What we haven't done is label that non-created thing. We call that which is non-created, that which fashioned our existence, "God". We would expect, then, for that non-created thing to be more complex and more intelligent than the thing He created. It is logical, and it is consistent with the way we see the universe ordered.

The problem here is that many people have a mistaken concept of God. If we conceive of God as physical, ‘like-man’ being, the question of God’s origin is valid.

And now another doubt that boggles my mind if we assume that God has always been there why cant we simply assume that the universe has always been there ?

A confusing blog I guess ………….

But all I can do is think ……. And think some more ……..